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PAC-MAN Adventure Event At Namco County Hall!

  • 7th February, 2014

On Saturday the 25th, families came in droves to get their first hands on with Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures at an exclusive event at Namco Funscape County Hall. Kids were welcomed at the door by the real-life Pac-Man, who then showed them the way into Namco’s very own gaming haven!

During the event, attendees were treated to a short presentation, which simply served to highlight Pac-Man’s illustrious history and also included a few interesting facts about the Pac. We were also joined by Disney who were proud to announce that on Saturday 11th January, the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures TV show delivered strong ratings with back-to-back launch episodes, ranking as one of the channel’s top rated telecasts in 2014 to date in key demos.

Bowling, arcades, bumper cars and of course Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures were just some of the featured activities that were available on the day. On top of that, we were joined by the fantastic dance group ‘Interlude’, who took us back in time and showed us how to do the Pac-Man dance, but with a twist of their own!

Interlude will be making random appearances throughout the UK, so keep your eyes peeled as you might be seeing them performing near you soon!



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